#LiveRadiantly with St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub

9:04 PM

I recieved this on my #CampusVoxBox and I was very happy. I have combination skin and also, I suffer from acne on my nose so when I read that this had salicylic acid I knew I had to try it. 

The first time I used it I wasn't sure about what to expect. Since is a face scrub I thought that is was going to have a very gentle texture, but no. This isa strong hard face scrub. I only would recommend it use it once a week to be honest. I wasn't very impressed with the scent, being apricot I was expecting a more sweeter smell, but it almost smells like those generic candles that are left in the stores after christmas is over.

But how it works on my skin is a whole different theme. After I used it  my skin was SO SOFT and it felt so clean that even my mom told me that my face was looking brighter and better, and I honestly feel that she was right. The day after I used it my makeup lasted me all day and even though I thought that this face scrub was going to dry my skin it didn't, I was so happy and pleased about that because normal face exfoliators tend to dry out my skin, that wasn't tha case with this particular one,

If you ask me if I would recommend this, my answer will be: YES! Try it out! It feels so good on the skin and it helps to brighten it. Definitely will repurchase it. 

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